Sky above Earth below Fire within
The Sword of Flames I fell in love with your light. Its penetrating beam beckoned me. Beneath the surface a firestorm commenced its rage. Distorted illusions of a reality objectified. Stillness flows and gently descends. Time is a luxury promising movement to heal. Heart and mind lost its way to correlate. Our affinity resides in a space evolved beyond the human experience. Moments reveal we communicate within the spectrum of cosmic consciousness. Transmissions echo frequency of truth, love and, freedom. The fire smoulders, eventually burns itself out. Ashes settle and transmute. Zero-point ignites new life.' A practice of Tibetan lamas is to recite six syllables in their meditations with the understanding that the focused energy of each syllable powerfully corresponds to a particular cosmic force. The symbol shown are the syllables, “tsa ra,” which means “the sword of flames.” In divinatory language, this symbol indicates the power and influence inherent in the force of fire. The recipient of this oracle should understand the destructive powers of fire, and in this understanding wield cosmic fire as a tool for declaring love, taking right action, and moving through blockages.

watch it burn

In burning the past, you leave yourself free to claim a brighter future.